HITtoCaBBAret gained success in Stockholm. Back in Turku in Autumn

Tiina Lindfors’ piece HITtoCaBBAret was magnificently received in Stockholm. All four performances were met with standing ovations from a loudly enthusiastic, plenary audience. Also the comments in social media after each performance proved enthusiasm and enchantment. Ulla-Carin Nyquist (SVT Drama, the Swedish Broadcasting Company and TV4) described the piece as exquisite, with its splendid dance scenes and fantastic musical arrangements. The comments in social media described the experience of the songs, the lights and the dance as a soul-lifting sensation for the senses. HITtoCaBBAret was also praised for its recency and for bringing up important issues.

The work reflects the deteriorating state of art, through the means of humour and beauty. The Swedish duo Lise&Gertrude stands for the music and will return to Finland and Turku in September, when HITtoCaBBAret has its second first-night.

HITtoCaBBAret will be performed eight times in Tanssiteatteri Eri during the period 1 – 15.9. In Stockholm, HITtoCaBBAret was performed in Swedish. Back in Finland, the language will be mainly Finnish, and the lines will be updated to reflect the current world situation.