Trois Rivières

Trois Riviéres

Teoksen esittely

“Kaija´s composition Trois Rivières is like the fascination of nature and poetry. It brings to me the beauty, the everlasting mystical word of water. For me the river is one, though the stream and strength vary. From the ice reveals itself the water and on it shine the jewels of light. After the calm raise the waves and the wind bearing them on. Before the return of the ice I hear our movement on the bottom of the river, in the paradise of shivering day-light.”  Tiina Lindfors Dance Theather ERI performed Kaija Saariaho´s composition Trois Rivières at the Helsinki Music Centre to a full hall on the First of November 2011. It was also the first dance performance at the Helsinki Music Centre. Trois Rivières (Three rivers) is composed to four percussion instruments and to live electronics and it is based on a Chinese poem Nuit de lune sur le fleuve written by Li Bain. The composition is divided into three parts and the wide repertoire of tingling percussion instruments are in contact to composition´s elements of water, flowing movements and poem´s nightly atmosphere.

Composition: Kaija Saariaho, Trois Rivières

Choreography: Tiina Lindfors

Light design: Esa Kyllönen

Dress design: Tiina Lindfors and Tuula Bergqvist

Dressmaking: Tuula Bergqvist