HITtoCaBBAret – Turku – Stockholm
1.- 15.9.2017

In Autumn 2017, ERI:s major venture is the international cabaret HITtoCaBBAret, a co-production with the Stockholm-based top musicians Lise&Gertrud.

The music consists of hits known world-wide. In the hands of the duet, the songs have been recreated into touching, polished diamonds, performed by two voices and a cello. Together, Lise&Gertrud have created an original artistic path that has taken them all the way from the concert stages up to a star position at the Nobel gala.

In HITtoCaBBAret, a theatre company moves from decade to decade accompanied by music. The actors perform pacy, touching choreographies in the spirit of each time period respectively. The lines play with words and open also to people speaking other languages than Finnish. Most of the songs are performed in the original language, i.e English.

Director and choreographer Tiina Lindfors also brings up questions about the status of art and the power of the market forces, questions that occupy us today. The show flows like a potpourri where the strongest spice, along with beauty, is humour – what else!

One Hundred in the Glass – Wounds of Love
16.2.-1.4., 26.4.-5.5.2017

The author Tommi Kinnunen dives into the Finnish history by way of love. He has created weaves where love pulsates, breaks and wounds. The beauty of everyday life frames the movingness in the narratives, where the tears of happines turn into fragments of dreams.

The choreographers bring in also their own humour, which laughs at the national near- and longsightedness.  New, surprising finds concerning what it is to be Finn. And actually, what is it?

Stories                 Tommi KinnunenSuomiFinland100-tunnus_CMYK
Choreography   Lassi Sairela & Eeva Soini
Guest                    Valtteri Lipasti