One Hundred in the Glass – Wounds of Love

16.2.-1.4., 26.4.-5.5.2017

The author Tommi Kinnunen dives into the Finnish history by way of love. He has created weaves where love pulsates, breaks and wounds. The beauty of everyday life frames the movingness in the narratives, where the tears of happines turn into fragments of dreams.

The choreographers bring in also their own humour, which laughs at the national near- and longsightedness.  New, surprising finds concerning what it is to be Finn. And actually, what is it?

Stories                 Tommi KinnunenSuomiFinland100-tunnus_CMYK
Choreography   Lassi Sairela & Eeva Soini
Guest                    Valtteri Lipasti



Impressions from the Life of an Opera Diva


The multi-artistic piece Callas – Impressions from the Life of an Opera Diva dives into and reflects upon the legendary opera singer Maria Callas’ tragic and poetic life. Soprano Pia Pajala and Choreographer-Dancer Tiina Lindfors alternate in the role of Callas and her alter ego. Pianist Pasi Helin and the ERI ensemble are part of the emotion-saturated narrative. The songs performed count among the pearls of opera.
Maria: Pia Pajala, soprano
Alter ego: Tiina Lindfors
Piano: Pasi Helin
Dance: Theatre ERI Ensemble
Lights:  Esa Kyllönen
Costumes: Tuula Bergqvist


Passio – the Easter tragedy in powerful pictures

Passio back in Eri for Easter
Eri Dance Theatre gives four performances of Tiina Lindfors’s piece Passio during Easter holidays.The piece was given the Finnish Church Culture Award in 2011. The following year, Arvo Pärt, who composed the music for the piece, invited the Eri ensemble to participate in the Nargen festival in Tallinn.Passio, first performed in the Dome of Turku, is now shown in the theatre’s own, more intimate and audience-friendly milieu.  In the shadows of the theatre, also Esa Kyllönen’s genious lighting design comes to its full right, and the choreography appears to the viewer as an almost personal journey into the powerful Easter tragedy. The mantle of Jesus is carried by both the women and the men. The whole emphasizes Christ’s universal message of love. The whole Eri ensemble participates in the piece, with Helena Romppanen guesting in the role of Simon of Cyrene.