A Tree Rooted in The Light

Simone Weil - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Simone Weil – a philosopher, activist, martyr and a legend.

The life of a young jewish woman rises on stage in a brave interpretation, which combines theatre and dance. In their interpretation, Scriptwriter Kristin Olsoni and choreographer Tiina Lindfors highlight the strength and beauty of Simone Weil’s tragic life.

The play aims to touch and evoke thoughts – like Simone Weil’s philosophy.

ERI’s whole ensemble dances in the piece and the roles of Simone’s parents are being interpreted by actors Janina Berman and Rabbe Smedlund.

The play premiered in January 2014 and it was played both in Finnish and swedish.

”The play was interesting, touching and thought provoking.” KAUPUNKIUUTISET

”The performance was loveliest in moments, where intelligence and bodily expressions united.” HBL

”Insightful collision of text and dance.” TS