Baila Africa

Hommage à Juha Vakkuri

Dance, music, buffet and jam session
The air vibrates of salt and of the breeze from the Guinea Bay. The majestic crests of the waves dwell, like a dream, before they break onto the shore. The palm tree foliages mirror the same magic; the slow, enchanted dance. Time itself turns soft an mild in this beige paradise of sea and sand. Its nights are carried by the cicadas’ choir and the endless, tender roaring of the sea. This is the milieu were the idea to Baila Africa was born… Tiina Lindfors visited Gran Popo twice and invited the fiends she made there to Turku and to ERI.

The highly popular, Africa-inspired soirées are back for the fourth time: In September and October, the ERI theatre will, once again, be invaded by exotic colours and flavours, by the rhythmic magic of drums, by the enchantment of dance. The Drum virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist Noel Saïzonou from Benin will be joined by two percussion maestros: Akim Color, also from Benin, and Mikko Väärälä from Turku. The group creates intoxicating rhythms, and the audience can join in.

Like before, the ERI dancers shine over the hypnotic music. This time, Vivi-Ann Sjögren’s storys tell about the lizards in Africa. The joint meal which is served during the intermission is composed according to Sjögren’s African recipes.

During the intermission, food fantasy is taking over. On the menu you’ll find an aromatic Beninese chicken- or vegetarian stew served with rice and a glass of wine or non-alcoholic drink. The Beninese stew is real superfood with a proper mouth feeling – crac-crac. (L, G)
Duration c. 2hrs including intermission