The continental rythm orchestra Aninkaisten Sävel and ERI’s ensemble take the audience on a time travel. With the help of catchy tunes and dances of the 1920’s and 1930’s we are led into the ballroom. The 14 musicians of Aninkaisten Sävel will, both separately and together with the dancers from ERI, captivate the audience with moving, cheerful and even melancholy small stories. The dance styles vary from tango to Charleston and from fox to jazz. Concept Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela.

Opening night in ERI 20.4.2023.


Concept: Eeva Soini ja Lassi Sairela
On stage: Aninkaisten Sävel and Tanssiteatteri ERI´s ensemble


Length:  1 h 30 min (including intermission)



Tanssiteatteri ERI
Yliopistonkatu 7, 20100 Turku

Toimisto: 02 250 1032 /
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