The Peking Duck and the Gold That Glitters

Pekingin Ankka ja Kullan Kimallus

The ducks from artist Kaj Stenvall’s paintings make their joyous return for children. The vain Duck from Peking is lured by gold and glitter. After many adventures, she finally wakes […]



This modern-day Mozart Pantomime had its premiere at the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival in 2007. Mozart and his friends however premiered the piece at a carnival at the Imperial Palace […]



Have we been programmed to live our lives even before we’ve been born? Do we go round in circles without knowing it? Is it possible to tear away from patterns […]

Julia & Julia

Julia & Julia

Julia & Julia is inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy, but through the love of two women it glides to mirror the barriers that during the course of time have destroyed and […]

Christmas Stars

Joulun Tähdet

Christmas stars is a warm and playful social evening, in which ERI’s dancers frolic both together and separately in a potpourri of possible and impossible dance acts. Santa Claus, who’s […]

Buenos Aires – Tango & Ritual

Buenos Aires – Tango & Ritual

This dance production consists of two separate pieces; Ritual is, as its title suggests, a ritualistic composition, in which the music and dance are one. The group scenes flow through […]

Focal Point


Together with the author Tommi Kinnunen, choreographers Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini created the much beloved work One Hundred in the Glass – Wounds of Love. The fruitful cooperation continues […]

The Battle

The Battle

The performance begins with James McNamara’s modern, energetic and very physical tap dance number. After this, Toni Laaksonen takes the stage with a contemporary and poetic Dying Swan. A battle […]

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