On the Road

Tien päällä - Tanssiteatteri ERI

A beautiful and emotional love duet by Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela. Tangos have lived and been renewed throughout the 25-year-old history of ERI. This is a popular performance for celebrations and anniversaries. The performance could be seen in the show Tanssii tähtien kanssa (‘Let’s Dance’) on MTV3 in the spring of 2017. Planning and […]

To die for

To die for - Tanssiteatteri ERI

A solo piece by James McNamara. An explosive, powerful artwork of the male body. Planning and choreography: James McNamara Duration: 5 minutes

Fifteen minutes for the Academy

Vartti Akatemialle

Tulle, tap shoes, a sharp hemline – a dashing show of different styles of dancing. The choreography is a collaboration of: Toni Laakkonen, James McNamara, Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela. They also perform. Duration: c 15 minutes

Hearts in a Glass

Sydämet lasissa - Tanssiteatteri ERI

A piece for Finland´s 100 year celebration. It deals with love in different eras, including Finnish sauna culture. The music consists of familiar classics as well as newer hits. Writer: Tommi Kinnunen Planning and choreography: Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela Dancers: Laura Alho, Toni Laakkonen and James McNamara Duration: 10 minutes

Mate in Finland

Mate in Finland - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Dive into the Finnish soul via humour and nostalgia. In Lassi Sairela´s short act performance two Finnish men go on Keihäsmatkat (‘Spear Tours’ in English; Keihäsmatkat was a Finnish travel agency in the 1960s and 70s), visit Oranguman´s treetop (Big Fat Oranguman was a hit song in the 1970s) and relive sweet memories of youth. […]

Fat Cleaners

Lihavat siivoojat - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Ideal for Christmas parties. Dancers: Laura Alho, Toni Laakkonen and James McNamara. Choreography: Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela Duration: 5 min.