Dance Theatre ERI and work community developers Tarja Koffert and Ulla Halkola have created a fascinating and motoric method, which will uplift the motivation and atmosphere of the work community. ERI-emotion is a new working method, which will help to develop innovativeness.

Emotion-motion! -programme includes:

  • Research and recognise yourself at work – what makes me stop and what motivates me?
  • Learn and succeed – What are my resources and how to use them?
  • Invigorating energy – What consumes me, what thrives me and what does my body tell me?
  • Going forward with new steps – we can find a new rhythm and better solutions by working together.

ERi-emotion will give you new kind of vitality. The programme includes both collaboration as well as self-examination. With the help of professional dancers, one can get to know his own body and how work and tension affects it. Work community developers also help to find solutions to problem situations. The programme has been developed to suit situations, in which the working group needs innovatinivess and hopes it’s working environment to be improved. ERI-emotion is being held at Tanssiteatteri ERI in Turku. Leaders of Eri-emotion are dancers Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini, work community developer Ulla Halkola and psychotherapist Tarja Koffert.

Contact information: tarja(at), tel. +358 40 71888 90 info(at), tel. +358 2-2501032