Gaala ERI30

The glamorous Gala evenings to celebrate ERI’s anniversary present highlights from the repertory through the years. Humour and solemnity meet during the Galas, where a range of guest artists participate, along with the ERI dancers. The impressive, high-class dance performances are accompanied by stories born during ERI’s lifetime. The Gala evening is hosted by Tiina Lindfors

The second part of the Gala Evening is dedicated to the first performance of Seita, a rhytmic, pulsating new creation which challenges the ensemble’s technical skills as interpreters of a fascinating and demanding choreography.

The music is Kalevi Aho’s enchanting percussion concert Sieidi. Sieidi is the Sámi word for Seita, a place of sacrifice out in nature. In the Sámi shamanism, Sieidi can be a huge stone or a sacred well.       

In Tiina Lindfors’ choreography Seita, here given the shape of a female, tunes the dancers around her into both visualising and respecting the value and power of the untamed nature. The piece grows into a plea for the rights of indigenous peoples. However, linked to the theatrical means, Seita proceeds as an abstract outburst and obediently follows the structure of the genius music, pulsating its magic primordial power.