Luonnotar (Eng. Nymph) photo exhibition

The photo exhibition on ERI’s stage is based on Pirjo and Tiina Lindfors’ photography book named Luonnotar (Eng. Nymph). In Luonnotar two perspectives are united into one work of art, on nature’s terms as well as the terms of the human body.

In the process, which lasted ten years, nature photographer Pirjo Lindfors and her sister Tiina Lindfors combined pictures of nature with elements of the choreographed human body. Luonnotar is financed by ERI.

6-22.1.2023 Mon-Fri 3-7 pm, Sat-Sun 12-4 pm

The Elements is a miniature dance performance shown in connection to the exhibition Mon-Fri at 6 pm and Sat-Sun at 3 pm. Choreography Tiina Lindfors, dance performance Nea Vuorinen.

Free entry.


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