Autumn at ERI brings forth yet another fairy tale classic: Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio. In the hands of choreographer James McNamara, Pinocchio develops into a colourful dance performance for both young and old. McNamara's Pinocchio is full of adventure, wonder, thrill – and of course, the magic of dance. 

Choreography: James McNamara
Dancers: Laura Alho, Toni Laakkonen, James McNamara and Nea Vuorinen
Lights: Mari Agge
Costumes: Tuula Bergqvist.
18 € / children 12 €; package 50 € (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult +3 children) via ERI 20,50 €/ 13,50 €/ 54,50 €

Tango de mi Alma 2020

Tango de mi Alma 2020

Evenings with Argentinian Tango to Brighten up November Darkness

During six evenings, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Argentinian tango at  ERI.  On stage the esteemed Tango dancer Martin Alvarado from Buenos Aires, the famous Finnish soprano Essi Luttinen and the pianist Petri Haapasalo, all guest starring at ERI this Autumn.  With their splendid choreographies, Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela turn the concert Tango de mi Alma into a brand new work of art, taking tango once more onto new tracks.

In the soulful tango concert, influences from jazz and classical music blend with the traditional Argentinian tango. We will hear Astor Piazzola as well as Carlos Gardel's classics, but also own arrangements. Soini's and Sairela's dance, saturated with passion, emotion and 'saudade', takes the audience to Argentina and the lands where tango – both the music and the dance – was born.

Tango de mi Alma – Evenings with Argentinian Tango is performed only six times at  ERI 5.11. & 12.11. at 19, 14.11. & 21.11. at 17, 26.11. at 19 & 28.11. at 17)

Tickets from ERI 35/30/15 €, 38,50/33,50 €.

The new  Tango de mi Alma concert is a cooperative production by Tuotantoyhtiö Kalkki and Dance Theatre ERI.

To secure the safety in our theatre, we have taken the following measures:

To secure the safety in our theatre, we have taken the following measures:

We sell fewer tickets to each performance.
We have introduced seat tickets to grant safety distance and avoid crowding.
We have prolonged the intermission from 20 to 30 minutes.
We remind the audience about the safety distances.
We have added a few intermission service points and spread them over a larger area.
We have placed several bottles of hand disinfectant in the lobby.

We have changed our ticket sale's office opening hours: Since the beginning of August the office is open Mondays 10-18, Tuesday – Friday 11-15.

Dance Theatre ERI has committed to follow the national policy for the performing arts. You can read more about it on the  theatre association's homepage,  Suomen Teatterit ry.

Of our guests, we wish the following:
Buy your tickets in advance from the theatre ticket sale's office or through Lippupiste

If you want to enjoy refreshments before the performance, please reserve the time needed! In case you desire  intermission refreshments, we recommend you to make the purchase in advance: when you buy your ticket (from the theatre) or when you come to enjoy the performance.

In case you get ill, stay home – also our crew follows this rule! Contact and we will rebook your ticket!

 Keep the safety distance!

In accordance with THL recommendations, we encourage the use of face masks and remind our guests about it during their visit. We also see to it that no queus are formed at our different service points.

Use hand disinfectant or wash your hands during your visit.

Use your card when paying!

Be generous with your time – we open the doors one hour before the performance begins.