Pinocchio´s Christmas

Autumn at ERI brings forth yet another fairy tale classic: Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio. In the hands of choreographer James McNamara, Pinocchio develops into a colourful dance performance for both young and old. McNamara’s Pinocchio is full of adventure, wonder, thrill – and of course, the magic of dance.

Our innermost feelings don’t always correspond with what we show the world around us. The fairy tale gives us the tools needed to slightly open our shell and discover our own sensitivity – no matter how dissimilar we are.

Love, this unbreakable bond between us, is the greatest gift. A gift that not even Pinocchio’s strings can tame.


Choreography: James McNamara
Dancers: Laura Alho, Toni Laakkonen, James McNamara ja Nea Vuorinen.
Lights: Mari Agge
Costumes: Tuula Bergqvist


Kesto: 40 min (no timeout)

Tickets via ERI: 18,00 € / children 12,00 €; package 50,00 € (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult +3 children) 20,50 € / 13,50 € / 54,50 


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