Polttopiste (Focal Point)

The audience-beloved One Hundred in the Glass -Wounds of Love was the result of a cooperation involving an author, Tommi Kinnunen, and two choreographers, Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela. This fruitful cooperation has continued. The new piece, Focal Point, combining speech- and dance theatre, focusses on the fragile border where the individual transits from being into non-being. Life is finite and random. This is reflected in the play where humor, melancholy and heart-moving images cross, taking the story from scene to scene. During the journey, we meet everyday angels and a transition period consultant. Also, the short flight of the butterflies and a celestial leading group take the audience to unforeseen heights. The atmosphere turns, as if secretly, into something changeable, but behind the kaleidoscope, you can sense a vascular bundle, a connecting thought. “It is easier to tell ​what I’m not than to say what I am. It is easier to deny than to tell”. In the finality of everything, there is something quite stunning.