JukeboXin salat (The Secrets of a JukeboX)


ERI opens the year 2020 with Secrets of a JukeboX, an all night choreography by Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela. The work takes us to the now-forgotten service station where an interesting gallery of characters gather around the jukebox. The music, rich in variation, invites to a time travel that goes decades back in time and, simultaneously, dives deep into people's dreams, fears, deceptions and moments of happiness. The music also helps predict the future and, in parallel with the personal, the changing society becomes the object of scrutiny. Under the cheerful shell, dimensions of depth and humanity are revealed. The whole ERI ensemble appear dancing on stage, the lights are planned by ERIs technician Mari Agge, and, as usual, Tuula Bergqvist creates the enchanting costumes.     

Tickets: 28 / 26 / 15 € via ERI 30,50 / 28,50 / 17,50 €



During Easter Holiday, ERI gives four performances of Passio at the theatre's home stage. In the intimate space, the narrative becomes a personal journey in the realm of  the Easter passion. The lighting, designed by Esa Kyllönen, cuts dramatically into the dark, emphasising the touching quality in the passion play.  Including a guest dancer, Helena Romppanen, in the role of Simon of Cyrene, the whole ERI ensemble is engaged in Passio. Jesus' mantle is carried by both men and women, thus the whole emphasises Christ's universal love message. Tiina Lindfors was awarded the Church's culture prize in 2011 for creating Passio.
Choreography: Tiina Lindfors
Music: Arvo Pärt
Dance: Dansteater ERI

Tickets: 25 / 23 / 15 € via ERI 27,50 / 25,50 / 17,50 €