Alice in Wonderland

To celebrate the anniversary, ERI stages a colorful fairytale for children and their families: Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, one of the best-known classics in English children’s literature. In James McNamara’s strongly visual dance version, the fantastic adventure abounds in humoristic nuances, yet respects the tale’s own special character.

Choreography: James McNamara
Cast: Laura Alho, Toni Laakkonen, Karoliina Lummikko, James McNamara
Lighting: Tapio Väntsi
Costumes: Tuula Bergqvist
Première 4.5. klo 14
Other performances: 5.- 25.5.
1 h, no intermission
Tickets: 15€/12€
Note – two adults + two children / one adult + three children 50€


Focal Point

Together with the author Tommi Kinnunen, choreographers Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini created the much beloved work One Hundred in the Glass – Wounds of Love. The fruitful cooperation continues with the production Focal Point, where everyday angels meet a transition period consultant. In the course of the evening, the butterflies’ short flight and a management group up in the clouds take the audience to unexpected heights. The participants in the rowing race on the river of Tuonela, the realm of the dead, reach their goal boots first. With Focal Point, which opens the anniversary year at ERI, also ERI’s lighting designer Esa Kyllönen celebrates his 40th anniversary.

Choreography & direction: Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela
Text: Tommi Kinnunen
Lighting: Esa Kyllönen
Costumes: Tuula Bergqvist
Projections: Jussi Virkkumaa
Make-up: Timo Vuorisalo
Cast: All the seven members of the ERI ensemble
First night 30.1. kl 19
Other performances: 2.2.-5.4.
2h including intermission
Tickets: 30€/28€/15€ from ERI,
via 17,50–27,50€