Lively dance parody full of humour

Roulette is a whirling game for human- and dance species. The red and the black are accompanied by the whole range of colours and the counters flutter about. Singles and pairs enter the acelerating dance where ballet links to folk dance links to modern expression. Not to forget contemporary dance. On the dance floor, clichés and virtuosity polish each other. The choreographers Sairela and Soini are generous croupiers and the audience can count on hitting the jackpot.



Idea and choreography: Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela
Manuscript and direction: Tiina Lindfors
Lights: Mari Agge
Costume: Tuula Bergqvist
On stage: the ERI ensemble



Duration: 1 h 45 min 

Tickets via ERI: 28,00 € / 26,00 € * / 15,00 € ** / Group tickets 25.00 € (minimum 10 people). 30,50 € / 28,50 € * / 17,50 € **/ Group tickets 27.00 €(minimum 10 people).

* Students, seniors, the unemployed and assistants
** Children

Jaa somessa
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