Have we been programmed to live our lives even before we’ve been born? Do we go round in circles without knowing it? Is it possible to tear away from patterns and listen to our own will? These matters, for instance, are being pondered in Lassi Sairela’s and Eeva Soini’s eventful choreography Runway (Kiitorata), which premiered in September 2012.

“A bomb of laughter for autumn’s delight.” HS 29.9.2012

“Enjoyable and elegant.” Åbo Underrättelser 29.9.2012

“In this runway ERI’s five dancers gesture, dance, act and show their skills in comedy. ” TS 29.9.2012

Choreography: Lassi Sairela ja Eeva Soini
Dress design: Marjo Haapasalo/Boutique Minne
Light design: Esa Kyllönen

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