Senior work


Mate in Finland _Kuva Maarit Keto-Seppälä


An important part of Dance Theatre ERI’s activity is the outreach program for seniors, bringing performances free of charge to residential homes, service houses, care centres and meeting points in South-West Finland.

For the time being, the repertoire includes the opus ”Mate in Finland”, a humorous and nostalgic dive into Finnishness. In Lassi Sairela’s miniature two ”boys of Finland” go for a charter holiday, swing around in the apeman’s tree and dwell in sweet youth memories. The dancers Toni Laakkonen and James McNamara take a fast trip into the images of a Finland that through the decades since the 1960’s has become more and more internationalized.

Duration c 15 minutes. For more information, contact Maarit Keto-Seppälä, maarit.keto-seppälä(at)