Soldier’s Story

Sotilaan Tarina - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Is our own self-interest and ethical laziness an eternal obstacle to humanity? Or is it only humane to be self-absorbed? How the devil is anyone supposed to know that!

Choreographed to Igor Stravinski’s music, this Mephistophelian story about a soldier who sells his soul to the devil is traditionally a drama complemented with dance numbers. In Tiina Lindfors’ version, the speaking roles of the narrator, soldier and the devil fall on one actor and the roles performed in the choreography are left to the dancers. In dealing with the theme, the policy of violence and its reasons is put into question with a comical twist. The original debut of this classical piece was seen in Switzerland in 1918.

“Refined to its end, artistic and skillfull… Easy to watch with its polished humor” Savon Sanomat

“ERI’s interpretation of the classic Soldier’s story is very energetic and physical – sharp in its entity” SSS

Choreography: Tiina Lindfors

Foto Matti Kivekäs

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