The Forgotten Kingdom

The Forgotten Kingdom is a place where memories, destinies, births and deaths are stirred up, only to fade back into the blue relief of oblivion. Nothing is impossible in this empire, and nothing is what appears to be at first glance. The enchanting melody of song and accordion carry the audience into an adventure and adult fairytale. Charming marionette characters plunge into the choreography, which pulsates with humour and depth, in tact with skill and technique.

“Caresses eyes and ears – this is unforgettable!” TS

“The dramaturgy is captivating, in their expressiveness, the marionettes are a mirror of the human subconscious” HS

“The absolute best!” SSS

Choreography: Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini

Unohdettu Valtakunta - Tanssiteatteri ERI
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