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Dance Theatre ERI
Yliopistonkatu 7, 20100 Turku

Office: 02 250 1032 /
Box Office: 02 250 1032 / /

Location and visiting the theatre
Dance Theatre ERI is located in the center of Turku, two blocks from the Market Square on Yliopistonkatu 7. The entrance to the theatre is in the inner yard. The theatre is found on the first floor, and unfortunately there is no elevator.

Communications and parking
It is an easy walk to the theatre from the Market Square or Puutori, where most buses stop. The bus station is a five minute walk, or about 500 metres away.

If you arrive by car, note that the theatre doesn’t have customer parking. Therefore it is a good idea to arrive early in order to find a parking spot.


The office and Box Office

The office and Box Office are located in the theatre, on Yliopistonkatu 7.

The office is open as follows during performance season:

  • 11 am to 6 pm on Mondays
  • 10 am to 3 pm Tuesday to Thursday
  • The office and Box Office are closed on Fridays and weekends.

Read more about tickets and our opening hours.

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The staff’s email addresses are: firstname.lastname(at)
Get to know our staff better on the staff page of our website.

Tiina Lindfors - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Tiina Lindfors
Artistic Director, dancer-choreographer

Eeva Soini - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Eeva Soini
Executive Director, dancer-choreographer

Lassi Sairela - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Lassi Sairela
Financial Director, dancer-choreographer

Jussi Kalliokorpi
Technical Officer

Billing address

We ask that you send your bill as an e-invoice. This is faster, more reliable, and more beneficial than paper bills for both the sender and the receiver.

Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487) 003707552430 003707552430

If you can’t send e-invoices, please send your bill to the scanning service:

Tanssiteatteri Erin Kannatusyhdistys r.y. (Apix skannauspalvelu)
PL 16112

Business ID: 0755243-0

This address needs to be written on the bill (not just on the envelope) so the scanning service can target your bill correctly. Don’t send anything other than bills to this address, information and marketing material can be sent to the same address as before.

Email scanning address for the support association for the Dance Theatre ERI: