Order a touring performance

We offer unforgettable performances for different kinds of events, from small-scale shows to all-night dance pieces. We have a number of interesting performances in our repertoire that can also be tailored to the needs of the customer, as well as to almost any location or theme. ERI is used to performing at international festivals, at cultural events in Finland and abroad, and at private events.

It is also possible to buy performances in the theatre. In this case, the customer is able to change the starting time of the performance. It is also possible to arrange, for example, a cocktail party in connection to the show.

If you are an advertiser and need something new, fresh and different, don’t hesitate to get in touch. ERI has done a number of commercials for different companies over the years.

The cost for short-act performances begins at 300 € and the cost for full evening dance productions at 2300 €.

Get more information from the office of Dance Theatre ERI:

Call +358 (0) 2 250 1032 or send an email to maarit.keto-seppala@eri.fi and tell us your needs. We will then schedule a meeting and discuss your wishes and needs. After this, we will send you an offer.

Mate in Finland - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Examples of popular short-act performances

Lihavat siivoojat - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Fat Cleaners

Ideal for Christmas parties. Dancers: Laura Alho, Toni Laakkonen and James McNamara. Choreography: Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela Duration: 5 min.

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Mate in Finland - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Mate in Finland

Dive into the Finnish soul via humour and nostalgia. In Lassi Sairela´s short act performance two Finnish men go on Keihäsmatkat (‘Spear Tours’ in English; Keihäsmatkat was a Finnish travel

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Sydämet lasissa - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Hearts in a Glass

A piece for Finland´s 100 year celebration. It deals with love in different eras, including Finnish sauna culture. The music consists of familiar classics as well as newer hits. Writer:

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To die for - Tanssiteatteri ERI

To die for

A solo piece by James McNamara. An explosive, powerful artwork of the male body. Planning and choreography: James McNamara Duration: 5 minutes

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Tien päällä - Tanssiteatteri ERI

On the Road

A beautiful and emotional love duet by Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela. Tangos have lived and been renewed throughout the 25-year-old history of ERI. This is a popular performance for

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