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Tiina Lindfors

Tiina Lindfors is one of the founder members of Dance Theatre ERI. Her career has been characterised by several requests from composers and orchestras to work in cooperation with her. Five significant works have been produced in cooperation with the composer Mikko Heiniö. As a choreographer, Lindfors often takes a stand, and emphasises that dance can create change by means of theatre. Lindfors’ dances and choreographies have been performed throughout the Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe, in Asia, America and Africa.

Lindfors is a popular lecturer and writes columns for Turun Sanomat, the largest daily paper in Western Finland. She works vigorously to promote the Swedish language and bilingualism in Finland.

Tiina Lindfors has:

  • Created almost 100 choreographies (for the National Finnish Ballet, Estonia Ballet, Helsinki’s Festival Weeks i and the Chamber Music Festival in Kuhmo, as well as her productions for ERI)
  • Performed in over 3000 dance productions
  • Had 11 choreographies adapted for TV, many of which have represented Finland in the Prix Italia and Golden Prague competitions.
  • Given about 400 guest performances in 30 different countries

She has received:

  • The Pro Dance Award in 1987
  • The award from the Finnish Cultural Foundation – Suomen Kulttuurirahasto – in 1999
  • The Villa Karo bronze statue in 2011
  • The Church Cultural Award in 2011
  • In 2018, Tiina Lindfors was awarded the Brobyggarpriset – Bridge-builder prize – for her contribution to the promotion of the Swedish language and bilingualism in Finland.
Tiina Lindfors - Tanssiteatteri ERI
Tiina Lindfors - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Lassi Sairela

Lassi began his career as a dancer when he joined a ballet school, but since he was the only boy attending classes, he dropped out after only a week. Later, competitive dance stole Lassi’s heart and after 8 years and 2 Finnish championship medals, Lassi became a professional. Lassi is one of ERIs founding members and works at the theatre both as a dancer and choreographer. He works mostly with Eeva Soini.

He has

  • Created, together with Eeva Soini, almost 60 choreographies for Dance Theatre ERI as well as other theatres
  • Performed in over 3000 dance productions
  • Given about 400 guest performances in 30 different countries
  • Receiced the City of Turku’s Aboa award in 1991
Lassi Sairela - Tanssiteatteri ERI
Lassi Sairela - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Eeva Soini

Eeva graduated as a dancer from Tallinn Ballet School and has since danced in several different companies, including the Finnish National Ballet. Eeva is one of ERI’s founding members and works both as a dancer and choreographer. Eeva works mostly with Lassi Sairela and together they’ve choreographed almost 60 pieces for Dance Theatre ERI. Their work is characterised by intelligent humour and distinctive movements.

Eeva has

  • Created, together with Lassi Sairela, almost 60 choreographies for Dance Theatre ERI as well as other theatres
  • Performed in over 3000 dance productions
  • Given about 400 guest performances in 30 different countries
Eeva Soini - Tanssiteatteri ERI
Eeva Soini - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Maarit Keto-Seppälä

Producer Maarit Keto-Seppälä has a Master of Arts degree and The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management. She has several decades of experience in producing, marketing, communications and development. She worked many years producing and marketing big events for the City of Turku as well as working as a communications officer. She started at ERI in December 2014.

Maarit Keto-Seppälä​

Laura Alho

Laura graduated as a dancer from the Art Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Alongside her studies at the Art Academy, she studied at the highly regarded Institut del Teatre in Barcelona for six months.

Laura first came into contact with Dance Theatre ERI when she did her work experience as an assistant to Tiina during the piece Ilta (‘Evening’, 2015). She has been working at ERI since 2016. Laura has worked many years as a dance teacher for both children and adults.

(On maternity leave)

Laura Alho - Tanssiteatteri ERI
Laura Alho - Tanssiteatteri ERILaura Alho - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Toni Laakkonen

Multitalented Toni is originally from Nilsiä. His enthusiasm for dance arose in middle school, and after high school Toni was accepted into the Finnish National Opera Ballet School. Since his graduation Toni has danced in the Finnish National Ballet, Savonlinna Opera Festival and in the Small Finnish Ballet Company. His post with Dance Theatre ERI is his first permanent attachment.

Toni started working at ERI in the beginning of 2011. He is cheerful and talented, and also masters pointe technique.

Toni Laakkonen - Tanssiteatteri ERI
Toni Laakkonen - Tanssiteatteri ERI

James McNamara

James McNamara graduated from Millennium Performing Arts in London in the year 2011, and after that he has worked with many different companies such as the Berlin Dance Company, Disneyland Paris, Grange Park Opera House and Pro Santa in Rovaniemi, among others.

His background stems from classical ballet, but he includes many other styles such as Latin American, contemporary dance, tap and jazz. James began working at ERI in 2015.

James is responsible for the choreographies of Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio.

James McNamara - Tanssiteatteri ERI
James McNamara - Tanssiteatteri ERI

Nea Vuorinen

Dancer Nea Vuotinen has been a guest performer at Dance Theatre ERI since the autumn of 2020. She has performed in, among other things, JukeboXin salat (‘The Secrets of the JukeboX’) and Pinocchio.

Nea Vuorinen​

Lyylia Koivuniemi

Lyylia Koivuniemi studied at the Royal Danish Ballet School and at the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, as well as with a private coach who graduated from CNBS, before she became a professional dancer. During her freelance career, Lyylia has performed in various theatres, music videos, tv series and on tour, both in Finland and abroad. She has also worked as a dance teacher and organized and executed different dance projects. Lyylia is very excited to start her first season at Dance Theatre ERI!

Jussi Kalliokorpi

Our technician in charge, Jussi Kalliokorpi, has worked as a freelancer for a long time and started working at Dance Theatre ERI in the fall of 2021. He has worked in several theatres in the Turku region. Jussi’s strengths are in projections, sound design and information technology.

Tuula Bergqvist

Tuula Bergqvist has a Master of Arts degree. She has taught design at a variety of educational levels and has been involved in costume design in several theatres and theatre productions in different parts of Finland. Her artistic practice and need to work with her hands has resulted in many costume collaborations with Dance Theatre ERI over the years.

Tuula Bergqvist​

Moona Aaltonen

Our theatre secretary Moona Aaltonen has been a part of our staff since the fall of 2021.

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